Our team are both professionals in clinical dietetics, nutrition
and English language teaching with years of experience
in the fields, working as academic teachers, educators.

Dr Magdalena Milewska 
Assistant Professor at Warsaw Medical University
Magdalena is an Assistant Professor at Human Nutrition Department, Medical University of Warsaw. She received her PhD in Health Sciences, specialization: Dietetics. She holds two MA degrees. One in Food Technology and Human Nutrition and the second one in Public Health. Magdalena is an active member of Polish Society for Parenteral, Enteral Nutrition and Metabolism. She is interested in body composition research, nutritional assessment and clinical nutrition in particular. She has attended numerous scientific conferences and research projects, both domestic and international. She methodologically supports governmental educational projects and radio programmes devoted to dietetics. Magdalena, since 2013, has been co-running English for Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition courses.


M.A. Gregory Pamrow

Gregory Pamrów has graduated with merits from the University of Sydney, Warsaw University (English Studies) and SWPS University (English Studies). He collaborated with different universities (being an academic teacher at English Studies departments) and organizations, designing, writing and teaching English courses devoted to medicine, art and business studies: Sydney University Language Center, medical universities, film studies departments. Gregory, since 2013, has been co-running English for Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition courses.

Justyna Kucharska, Ph.D.

Justyna Kucharska graduated from the University of Silesia in English and American studies. In 2014 she was granted a doctorate degree in humanities. She has over 10 years of experience of working as a language coach with people of various age groups and different professional profiles, including doctors, dietitians and employees of pharmaceutical companies. She has also been engaged in numerous translation projects: books, films, scientific and research articles.


Francesca Tabacchi

Francesca is a Celta English teacher and dietitian. She graduated from Turin University presenting an experimental thesis on enteral nutrition. She then moved to Milan to attend a master’s degree in nutrition at Milan University. She currently works as a lecturer at Turin University, teaching scientific/medical English to dietetics and nursing students, while attending an internship at a microbiology laboratory studying oral probiotics.
Francesca is responsible for Italian translation in our dietetic dictionary available in our e-learning course.