One to one online are tailor-made individual meetings where the teacher adjusts his knowledge and skills to your specific needs and requirements, so to improve your knowledge and English language skills in the area of dietetics and nutrition to the highest possible level. The main emphasis is put on your speaking skills.

one meeting 90 minutes
online meetings at your convenience
improve your knowledge in the area of dietetics and nutrition
improve your speaking and communication skills
have a better understanding of academic, scientific and medical texts

interesting audiovisual materials

prepare yourself to work in an English speaking country

prepare yourself to study abroad

improve your knowledge and communication in clinical and patient-based situations

prepare yourself to work in medical teams and hospital conditions

price (90min) 120pln Polish students/International students 35€
book more meetings and get a better price

book 10 meetings, get a better price and our e-learning course for free

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Gregory Pamrów has graduated with merits from the University of Sydney, Warsaw University (English Studies) and SWPS University (English Studies). He collaborated with different universities and organizations, designing, writing and teaching English courses devoted to medicine, art and business studies. From 2010 to 2013, an academic teacher at the Institute of English Studies at SWPS University. Gregory, since 2013, has been co-running English for Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition courses, designer and co-creator of the e-learning course. More than 10 years of experience in academic teaching and ELT.