Module 10 Psychodietetics


AVAILABILITY: 3-month access
food choice and neurotransmitters, psychological issues and diet counselling, eating disorders + multiple choice + vocabulary + recorded texts
LISTENINGS: eating disorder, food neophobia
VOCABULARY: psychological collocations, collocations + practice, word formation: adjectives + practice, word formation: prepositions + practice
CLINICAL CASE: a young patient with an eating disorder, 72-hour dietary recall, SCOFF and EDDS questions, reading laboratory tests
TEST: 25 multiple choice questions

In the following module we focus on English vocabulary connected with psychodietetics, motivation, counselling and eating disorders. Readings and vocabulary exercises are based on practical knowledge from our experts and will get you familiar with expressions connecting the environments of psychology and nutrition/dietetics. We paid a lot of attention to subsequent tasks to help you balance and memorize the presented glossary with a wide range of interactive and engaging exercises. The listening section will present authentic counselling environment – patients’ interviews with anorexia and neuphobia. The case study will demonstrate one of the eating disorders – giving you an opportunity to solve problems and provide proper treatment for the patient: diagnostic tests SCOFF and EDDS, nutritional recommendations.