Module 3 Digestion, absorption


READINGS: macronutrients: proteins and fats; carbohydrates; digestion and absorption + multiple choice + vocabulary + recorded texts
LISTENINGS: dietary interview, short bowel syndrome, FODMAPs audition
VOCABULARY: word formation: adjectives+prefixes + practice; collocations, digestive fate of a salad, digestive system: functions, structure of a villus, stomach structure
CLINICAL CASE: a patient with stomach and intestinal complaints
TEST: 25 multiple questions
DICTIONARY: access to the dictionary (recorded pronunciation, examples, possible word formation, translation: Spanish, German, Italian, Polish).

The following module presents macronutrients: proteins, lipids and carbohydrates; digestion and absorption of nutrients texts and vocabulary. Apart from the English language improvement, exercises are aimed at broadening your scientific and counselling knowledge. Texts will get you familiar with many interesting, useful and difficult words to pronounce that is why they should be double checked in the dictionary. The listening section will demonstrate authentic counselling environment – conducting interviews, a discussion of professional dietitians on digestive disorders and radio audition on FODMAPs. The case study section will present Ms. Brown with stomach and intestinal complaints.