Module 5 Energy expenditure + body composition


AVAILABILITY: 3-month access
energy expenditure and needs, body composition methods, BIA analysis 
+ multiple choice + vocabulary + recorded texts
LISTENINGS: performing BIA tests and reading results, discussion: metabolic equivalents of task
VOCABULARY: collocations, word formation: verbs suffixes, visual interactive exercises
GRAMMAR: past tenses + practice
CLINICAL CASE: sarcopenic obesity patient: reading bio scans + dietary recommendations
TEST: 25 multiple choice questions
DICTIONARY: access to the dictionary (recorded pronunciation, examples, possible word formation, translation: Spanish, German, Italian, Polish).

The following module concentrates on English glossary connected with 
energy expenditure and needs, body composition methods, BIA analysis: explaining abbreviations and methods. Numerous exercises, apart from the English language improvement, are aimed at broadening your scientific and counselling knowledge. The listening section will demonstrate authentic counselling environment – conducting BIA tests and metabolic equivalents of task discussion. The case study of sarcopenic obesity patient will provide with information on how to diagnose and read the parameters and give proper recommendations + answering the patient’s questions.