Module 6 Metabolic Syndrome


AVAILABILITY: 3-month access
metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, diabetes + multiple choice + vocabulary + recorded texts
LISTENINGS: obese patient: GDM – Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
VOCABULARY: metabolic algorithm, cardiovascular diet, collocations, word formation: adjectives + practice, filling the gaps
GRAMMAR: conditionals + practice
CLINICAL CASE: a patient with hypertension in a clinical environment (laboratory tests, nutritional recommendations, leaflets + answering patient’s questions)
TEST: 25 multiple choice questions
DICTIONARY: access to the dictionary (recorded pronunciation, examples, possible word formation, translation: Spanish, German, Italian, Polish).

The following module will provide you with crucial English glossary and scientific/medical information on metabolic syndrome + obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Texts and graphics will get you familiar with many interesting, useful and difficult words, abbreviations and expressions. The listening section will demonstrate authentic counselling environment – an obese patient and the patient with GDM. The case study will present a clinical environment of hypertension patient: diagnosing laboratory tests, nutritional habits, explaining DASH diet and leaflets, answering patient’s questions.