Module 7 Diet and longevity


AVAILABILITY: 3-month access
ageing, diet and longevity, Okinawa diet 
+ multiple choice + vocabulary + recorded texts
VOCABULARY: collocations, cooking equipment, recipes, food description, food labelling
GRAMMAR: future tenses + practice
CLINICAL CASE: elderly patients with rheumatoid arthritis and dementia, possible malnutrition
TEST: 25 multiple choice questions
VIDEO INTERVIEW: an elderly patient
DICTIONARY: access to the dictionary (recorded pronunciation, examples, possible word formation, translation: Spanish, German, Italian, Polish).

The following module has been devoted to the nutrition of elderly patients, ageing, diet and longevity, Okinawa diet. Wide range of vocabulary
 exercises will improve your knowledge on food preparation and labelling and practice the glossary presented in the texts. The case study of an elderly patient with rheumatoid arthritis, mild dementia and possible malnutrition will improve your knowledge on how to work with diet consistency, food preparation. The video interview with Mrs Stone, a supplement for this module, will improve your counselling with elderly patients.