Module 8 Food Intolerances and Allergies


AVAILABILITY: 3-month access
immune system, food hypersensitivity, hypersensitivities prevention and managing 
+ multiple choice + vocabulary + recorded texts
LISTENINGS: allergy listening I and II
VOCABULARY: gluten and lactose-free diets, collocations, mini cases on allergies, intolerances and allergies intruders
CLINICAL CASE: a patient with gastrointestinal symptoms (OTC medications), skin prick test, gluten intolerance
TEST: 25 multiple choice questions
DICTIONARY: access to the dictionary (recorded pronunciation, examples, possible word formation, translation: Spanish, German, Italian, Polish).

This module concentrates on glossary connected with clinical nutrition and dietetics in allergies and food intolerances related environment. Apart from the English language improvement, exercises aim at broadening your scientific and counselling knowledge. Our texts that hold dietetic evidence based information, medical and scientific expressions, numerous food-related vocabulary – will get you familiar with ‘immune system’, ‘food hypersensitivities’, ‘hypersensitivities managing and prevention’. We paid a lot of attention to subsequent tasks to help you balance and memorize the presented glossary with a wide range of interactive and engaging exercises. The listening section will demonstrate authentic counselling environment of allergies and nutritional recommendation process. The case study will present Mrs Meyes who has received a referral to a dietitian with gastrointestinal symptoms and allergy tests.