Regulation of the provision of services by electronic means within the framework of the course English for clinical dietetics and nutrition

1. General information

1. Taking advantage of the e-learning course English for clinical dietetics and nutrition (hereinafter referred to as the Course) available at, you accept the rules of this Regulation, which is available at, and of the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the Regulation and is available at
2. The Course is owned by Grzegorz Pamrów, operating under the name of Speakers Avenue English And Media Language Center Grzegorz Pamrów, address: 12a/17 Poniatowski St., 05-091 Ząbki,, Tax Identification Number: 7591646908, National Business Registry Number: 141128222, hereinafter referred to as „SpeakersAvenue” or „Service Provider”.
3. Any materials included in the Course are subject to copyright and are protected under the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights (Journal of Laws of 1994, No. 24, item 83 with later amendments).
4. Users can contact SpeakersAvenue via:
a) the contact information available at: contact
b) via e-mail:

5. Service Provider undertakes to provide the Course free from defects.
2.  Technical requirements
1. The use of the platform requires a properly configured computer connected to the Internet.
2. Proper use the Course requires the following:
a) an internet connection with throughput of at least 512 Kb/sec
b) a web browser updated to the latest version, preferable web browsers: MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome
c) cookies enabled in the browser
d) scripting enabled in the browser.
3. Service Provider takes no responsibility for any impediments in the use of the service resulting from incorrect configuration of the software or hardware of the User or impediments arising from problems with the User’s equipment or Internet connection. In the event of any technical problems the User may seek assistance via e-mail:
3. User accounts
1. The Course User can only be a natural person who receives a course certificate after completing the Course and passing the examinations referred to in point 4 “Description and procedure of the Course”.
2. Natural persons without legal capacity or with limited legal capacity to act may become Users on condition that they obtain the consent to use the Course from their legal representative or legal guardian.
3. Creating an account on the website and effective payment for the Course is equivalent to the conclusion of the contract for provision of services by electronic means within the framework of the course “English for clinical dietetics and nutrition”.

4. User is obliged to submit accurate data on the registration form. Data submitted during the registration, i.e. the name and surname, will be the basis for issuing the certificate of the Course completion if the requirements referred to in point 4 item 3 of the Regulation are satisfied.
5. Registration of multiple accounts by the same User or sharing one account with other persons are prohibited.
6. An account name (login) must not be a word generally recognised as offensive or must not infringe the good reputation of anybody. It is not allowed to use a website address or words being trademarks or those that may infringe the rights of third parties as an account name.
7. User is obliged to protect and keep confidential sensitive data, such as the password to the Course.
8. User undertakes to refrain from any act which could result in destabilization of the Service Provider’s websites functioning or which might in any way impede other Users from using the Course.
9. The User undertakes to refrain from any attempts to gain access to resources they are not entitled to access.
10. Accounts of Users who do not comply with the rules of this Regulation may be blocked or deleted.
11. The User may, at any time, discontinue using the Course and delete the account by sending information to the Service Provider’s e-mail ( or
12. After registration to the Course, the User will receive a confirmation of the contract concluded on the e-mail indicated in the registration form.


4. Description and procedure of the Course
1. Access to the Course is granted for a period of 3-6 months: 3 months if the Participant bought the single modules (access in single modules is given to the period of 3 months; 6-months if the Participant bought ‘FULL COURSE’. The ‘FULL COURSE’ includes 10 modules + 1 additional module (module names can be found in the ‘Shop‘ tab). Each module contains 25-30 exercises as well as a summary module test. After registering, making payment and recording of payment on the account of Speakers Avenue, the Course participant will receive access to the content he bought: each particular module or FULL COURSE content. 
2. While using the Course each exercise can be done until it is completed correctly, then the possibility to do so is blocked. A properly completed exercise remains on the screen. The number of correctly completed exercises does not influence the final result and obtaining the certificate.
3. In order to receive the certificate of the Course completion it is to buy ‘FULL COURSE’ and necessary to pass 8 out of 10 module tests as well as the final test which summarizes the Course. The tests have time limits – each module test lasts 20 minutes and includes 25 multiple choice questions. The final test lasts 40 minutes and includes 60 multiple choice questions. The pass mark for each test is 72%. Each test can be taken 3 times. Results of the tests are being monitored.
4. In order to obtain the certificate the User needs to buy a ‘FULL COURSE’ and be awarded a pass in 8 module tests by achieving at least 72 % of the marks allocated to each test in at least one of the three possible attempts and a pass in the final test by achieving at least 72 % of the marks allocated to that test in at least one of the three possible attempts. In case the User does not meet the above mentioned criteria of passing the tests, s/he will not be granted the certificate.
Purchasing individual modules does not give the possibility to earn a certificate.
5. Demo version of the Course
1. User also has the right to use a demo version of the Course, presenting functionalities of the course and sample exercises.
2. The use of the demo version is free of charge.
6. Subscription and access to course
1. Payment for the courses is made in advance, the price for the ‘Full Course’ is 329PLN/about 77€.
The price of individual module is 48PLN/about 12
€. In order to buy single module, a minimum number of 3 modules is required to be purchased (144PLN).
2. The amount for a given subscription time must be paid in total – payment in installments is not possible.
3. Access to the Course is granted after the payment has been received on the Service Provider’s account or upon notification about receiving payment from the intermediary.
4. Course fees can be made by:
a) credit card
b) pay-pal money transfer
c) bank transfer
c) payU
5. Availability of particular forms of payment may be limited. Credit card payment conditions are specified on the website of the pay-pal company, which intermediates in the execution of payment. Regulation of pay-pal payments is available at:
6. Paying for the Course is understood as conclusion of the fix-term contract for a specified period of 6 months. The Course duration is counted from the date of the account registration and the effective payment for the Course.
7. After termination of the Course access to the paid content will be blocked. The User is not obliged to notify the Service Provider about resignation from the Course.
7. History of the learning process on the account
1. In order to optimise the process of learning the system collects detailed information on the learning progress in the Course, including information on performed exercises, and especially tests: attempts to pass the tests and the results.
8. Payments and VAT invoices
1.Prices of the courses are listed on the website and are inclusive of VAT rate according to generally applicable Polish law.
2. In order to receive a VAT invoice for the purchased products, the data needed to issue an invoice (data of the transaction to be invoiced, name and address of the purchaser, tax identification number) should be sent to the address:
3. The User as a consumer may withdraw from the contract without giving reasons by submitting a relevant written statement within 14 days of the date of signing the contract. This requirement is met by sending a statement of withdrawal from purchase to the Service provider’s address given in point 1 of this Regulation or to the e-mail address: The User may use a model of the statement of withdrawal available at:, however, the Service provider will also respect other statements constituting withdrawal from the contract.
4. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the contract shall be considered not concluded. The payment will be refunded immediately, not later than within fourteen days. The User should indicate in the statement of withdrawal the way the Service provider should refund the payment.
9. Complaints
1. A complaint made by the Course User in case of failure to provide services or undue provision of the services should include the following:
+ name and surname as well as contact details of the person submitting the complaint,
+ User account name which the complaint refers to,
+ subject of the complaint taking into account circumstances justifying the claim,
+ signature of the person laying the complaint and the date (signature is not required if the complaint is submitted electronically).
2. The complaint should be sent by e-mail to the address:, or via postal mail to the address of the Service Provider.
3. The answer will be given in the form in which the Service provider received the submission, to the address specified in the complaint.
4. The complaint will be dealt with within 14 days of the date of its receipt, unless otherwise specified in the relevant regulations.
5. In case of receiving an incomplete form of complaint, the Service Provider shall summon the User to supplement it under the pain of the complaint being left unprocessed.
10. Technical problems
Service Provider:
1. Shall apply due diligence to guarantee use of Services in accordance with the Regulation. At the same time, the Service Provider informs that problems with access to the Course may occur, especially those caused by parameters of the equipment or network not being in line with the requirements indicated in the Regulation.

2. Informs that technical problems or technical constraints of the IT equipment used by the User (firewalls – blockages, inappropriate versions of media player, antivirus programs and others), may make User’s access to the Course restricted or unavailable.
3. Does not guarantee uninterrupted and unhindered access to Services in situations resulting from the qualities of the Internet connection and IT equipment of the User which are beyond control of the Service Provider.
4. Cannot guarantee full continuity of services and cannot prevent interruption of availability for the Users which can be caused by internal factors related to the development of the service or conservation works, or external factors which remain beyond the control of the Service Administrator, for example, service availability interruptions caused by force majeure
11. Privacy policy and personal data protection
1. By registering on the website the User consents to the processing of her/his personal data by the Service Provider in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws 1997, No. 133, Item 883, as amended).
2. Issues related to the Privacy Policy are regulated in detail by Privacy Policy, which constitutes and integral part of this Regulation
3. User has the right to access her/his personal data, to request additions, updates, rectification of personal data, temporary or permanent suspension of their processing or their removal in case they are incomplete, outdated, inaccurate or collected with the violation of law, or in case they are no longer required for the purpose for which they were collected.
12. Course content and copyright
1. Materials included in the Course are subject to copyright and are protected under the law on copyright and related rights (Journal of Laws of 1994, No. 24, item 83 with later amendments).
2. Materials provided during the Course may only be used by the owner of the account.
3. Should the User want to use Course materials to which the Service Provider holds copyrights, the materials can be made available to the User upon written consent of the Service Provider.
4. Service Provider reserves the right to periodically update the content of the courses offered, including the right to modify the content of lessons and exercises in order to improve their quality and existing defects as well as to remove the elements which cannot be corrected.
14. Final provisions
1. Service Provider reserves the right to introduce changes into this Regulation, in accordance with relevant legal regulations. Current version of the Regulation will be available at:
2. Service Provider will inform Users about changes in the Regulation by sending a notification to the e-mail address associated with the account.

3. User has 14 days of the moment of receiving the e-mail to approve of the changes.
4. Should the User not approve of the changes in the Regulation, s/he has the right to withdraw from the contract.
5. The Service Provider does not comply with the code of good practice referred to in the Act of 23 August 2007 on combating unfair commercial practices.
6. All legal relations arising from the Regulation shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Poland.